“I would just like to say a very big thank you to all the staff for making our trip a great success. Both pupils and staff were very excited about the experience they encountered and staff said it was the first trip they had be on that was not stressful due to the hard work your staff put in. Thank you so much for your support of booking the trip and the wonderful day you provided us with. We will be visiting again next year!”.
“We had a wonderful time at the Park Farm on Saturday, starting when we arrived and enjoyed a brilliant lunch. We were so impressed with the efficiency and  quality of the food, swiftly prepared and served even though we ordered for six hungry adults! Thoroughly enjoyed the deer safari, lamb feeding and a good chat about the tortoises.  All the visitor facilities were great and we found all the staff very helpful and informative, especially the chap talking us through the 12.15 deer safari (not the tractor driver) A lovely family day out - duly posted on Facebook to spread the word!
Snettisham Park Farm gave us a memorable family day out, so impressed with the set up, well done!  We will definitely come again

Jayne Horton
Half Price Annual Passes available until March!
Open 10 am to 4 pm every day

Deer Safari

Our tractor and covered trailer, or Safari Land Rover ride is a magical experience not to be missed. During the 45 minute round trip you will meet and be able to feed our spectacular herd of red deer with over 60 hinds and 2 stags. You can be sure to get an amazing close encounter with our Deer all of which are more than happy to feed from your hands.

Please watch our deer safari video (above right) for more informationon.

During the spring and summer months our deer safari's run throughout the day with the first one after 10 am during school holidays and 11.30 am during term times. To avoid disappointment later in the day, please ring to confirm as this is subject to change.

Please note: During January the safari's run weekends only at 11.00 am and according to demand during the afternoon.
beautiful  spotted calf

During the calving months of May, June and July you will be able to see the beautiful spotted calves. During this time the Stags will be growing their new antlers in time for the rutting season towards the end of September. This time of year is the best time to visit the deer park, just be sure to bring a camera.

Our knowledgeable and friendly deer park rangers commentate throughout the safari to help you get the most from your experience among these magnificent animals. If you are lucky you might even see some deer swimming in the lakes down in the Ingol valley. During your safari you will learn about the crops we grow and their use.

Update from the Deer Park June 2017
June is a wonderful month to take a safari! We now have over 35 deer calves in the park that our visitor's are able to see whilst on safari. There are more to come!
first deer calf

During August 2016 our stags started to loose the velvet from their antlers. During September the stags looked their most impressive as they displayed fully grown antlers ready for the rutting season. During October, we removed their antlers so they were unable to injure each other or any of the hinds during the rut.

The antlers now have protruding points making Rufus look awesome.

Rufus 2016
Rufus (11 years old) Up until 2013 Rufus was still pushed around by Harry despite being a large stag for his age. During 2014 his dominance over Harry and the other stags was evident. This picture taken March 2016 shows his antlers just starting to grow.

This picture of Rufus was taken 6th June 2016. The growth of his antlers is quite amazing. Compare to the above picture taken end of March!

Here is Rufus (picture taken August 13th 2016). He started to shed the velvet from his antlers and rubbed them on thorn bushes and reeds.

Rufus again (picture taken August 25th 2016). He is now proudly displaying his perfect and impressive rutting aid!!

Rufus is now top stag.

To conclude, here is Rufus after his antlers were removed September 22nd 2016. He now has over 60 hinds to look after.

Harry , the oldest of our boys, died naturally with his herd during December 2014 at the amazing and grand old age of 16 years. He was formally our top stag and still displayed a wonderful set of antlers again this year. A very dominant Rufus took over the herd during 2013.

This picture (taken in March 2014) shows him before his antlers developed.

Stags sparring
This picture shows two of our stags sparring.

A late arrival November 2015
During the October 2015 half term holiday this little calf was born much to the surprise and delight of staff and visitors on safari!
Our much loved Sophie died on Friday 18th October 2013 at the grand old age of 17 years. She still produced a healthy calf that year and enjoyed the summer following the safari trailer around the deer park. She died naturally in the park with her herd.

Wildlife in the deer park
Whilst on a safari, you will be able to enjoy a rich variety of wildlife in the deer park. Shelduck, oyster catchers, coots and even a bar-headed goose (one of the world's highest flying birds) are a few examples and can be frequently seen.

Please see our wildlife page and multi media gallery for more pictures.