“I would just like to say a very big thank you to all the staff for making our trip a great success. Both pupils and staff were very excited about the experience they encountered and staff said it was the first trip they had be on that was not stressful due to the hard work your staff put in. Thank you so much for your support of booking the trip and the wonderful day you provided us with. We will be visiting again next year!”.
“We had a wonderful time at the Park Farm on Saturday, starting when we arrived and enjoyed a brilliant lunch. We were so impressed with the efficiency and  quality of the food, swiftly prepared and served even though we ordered for six hungry adults! Thoroughly enjoyed the deer safari, lamb feeding and a good chat about the tortoises.  All the visitor facilities were great and we found all the staff very helpful and informative, especially the chap talking us through the 12.15 deer safari (not the tractor driver) A lovely family day out - duly posted on Facebook to spread the word!
Snettisham Park Farm gave us a memorable family day out, so impressed with the set up, well done!  We will definitely come again

Jayne Horton
Half Price Annual Passes available until March!
Open 10 am to 4 pm every day

Farm Activities

Come and see the calves being fed in the Calf House.
Meet the inquisitive calves - see how gentle these animals are when they suck your fingers.
All our calves where born on other farms but it is up to us to rear them. The calves are fed on artificial milk powder similar to the lambs.
Most of our calves have been bred from Frisian dairy cows and their fathers are mainly Charolais or Simmental bulls.

The Park has different breeds of goats including Anglo Nubians, Golden Guernseys and several types of Pygmies which will appreciate you feeding them during your visit. Just make sure you buy some grass nuts from the Visitors Centre before heading down the farmyard or you might find your jacket is next on the menu.

Egg Collecting and grading
Collect and help us grade our Snettisham Park eggs. Why not purchase some in our Visitor Centre to take home - they don't come much fresher than that!
All our hens are Rhode Island Reds and each one will lay around 300 eggs each year so there are plenty of eggs to collect every day. After collecting the eggs learn how our egg grading machine works.

pony grooming
Why not help us groom our two sheltland ponies - Dora and Barney. Barney loves to be fussed and brushed whilst Dora loves to show off in the field keeping our visitor's amused!!